The Music Managers Forum Netherlands is a trade organization for music managers. The MMF is a platform where problems and areas of concern within the music industry can be discussed, such as issues concerning rights organizations, contract forms, VAT issues, internationalization, and subsidies. We currently have dozens of members who are affiliated with the MMF NL. With our current group of members, we are able to unite ourselves and make a stand in matters such as politics.

In addition, our main objective is to further develop our profession. We do this on the basis of three principles:


We want to support the professional development of our members by offering workshops on many different topics with both national and international speakers. We also create a platform where knowledge can be exchanged between members, for example at member meetings or in the Facebook group. This way members can learn from each other's experiences and expertise.

Sharing knowledge


Another important goal of ours is Network. We want to bring managers in the Netherlands into contact with each other. At the MMF they can expand their network and the threshold for talking to colleagues is lowered.



Due to the quality and the number of members of the MMF NL, we have an interesting address book for many companies and other organizations. That is why we enable offering our members attractive deals, such as discounts.



The current board of the Music Managers Forum Netherlands

Name Company Roster Position
Martijn Swier Endless Music Within Temptation, My Indigo, Bokassa, Daniel Gibson, Daniel Barkman, Mathijs Tieken Chairman
Frank van Lunteren Paceshifters Treasurer
Budi Voogt Heroic San Holo, DROELOE, Stephen, Taska Black, Unlike Pluto Board member
Cedric Muyres Snowstar Kensington, I Am Oak, Sjamsoedin, Kim Janssen, Waltzburg, broeder Dieleman, Donna Blue Board member
Joris van Welsen Radar Agency Amy Root, Colin Benders, Nick Verstand, Klangstof & Weval Board member
Lijne Kreupeling For Artistic Reasons Sevdaliza, FS Green, Full Crate, Midas Hutch Board member
Steijn Koeijvoets 3S Music Management Amsterdam Klezmer Band, MY BABY, Jungle By Night, Michelle David & the Gospel Sessions, Kuenta, Aafke Romeijn Board member